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How to Submit a Sample

To ensure accuracy and integrity of test results, i-Lab follows a stringent sample submission and quality control process. Our expert staff is happy to consult with you regarding the Account Setup and/or Sample Submission Process. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Setting Up an Account At i-Lab

If you are a new client, please request the i-Lab Account Setup Packet by contacting us. Once complete, please send the signed copy to . If you have any questions, please call 909-230-6201 for assistance.

Sample Submission Form

Please download the i-Lab Sample Submission Form. All shipments to i-Labs require a completed i-Lab Sample Submission Form.

Shipping & Handling

Appropriate containers must be used to ship samples. Perishable items must be enclosed in coolers and shipped via overnight carrier. Non-perishable items may be boxed and shipped for overnight or ground delivery. The appropriate Sample Storage and Handling Codes should be selected on the i-Lab Sample Submission Form to ensure sample integrity is maintained.

Samples and the completed Sample Submission Form are to be shipped to:

Innovatical Laboratories,
5555 Brooks St.
Montclair, CA 91763

Reporting Results

Results will be reported electronically via email. Our expert staff is more than happy to help you understand and interpret the data you receive. Please contact the Lab Director or Contact Us.

Need Help?

Contact i-Lab if you:

  • Are a new client
  • Need assistance choosing analytical services
  • Need information about pricing or turnaround time
  • Are uncertain where to send your samples
  • Have any other questions requiring one on one consultation


Sample Submission Sheet